about me

Melanie Emmerson lives her passion for creativity through her DIY refurbishing projects, her art, and her words. Artist, writer, and dreamer, Melanie explores creative personal expression through text, mediums, textures, and images. furiousrose is the virtual space where she shares her experience of the art world, and offers a look at her own creative process in hopes of initiating dialog and engaging others who like to explore creative personal expression.
"I like to make things pretty, and I like to make pretty things -that's what I know. I've been writing, drawing, painting, collaging -creating art, since before I can remember. That's how I relate in this world, it's how I find my calm place, and it makes me happy."

With so many forms of creative personal expression, ways to achieve it, and so many people out there living it, Melanie hopes to grow furiousrose into a community where people come to learn and share DIY home projects, tips on art and mediums, and help motivate each other along this creative path!

"Collaboration is powerful, and it's a fun way to learn with other people! I believe in people helping people...it makes life a little easier."