Monday, June 10, 2013

“I can help you here,” two service clerks at Indigo say to me at the same time. I place my books in front of the tall middle aged woman with long dirty blonde hair at the till closest to me.
Bitch! Anyone with a magazine called Bitch should be in my line!” She says as she begins scanning my items. “Bachelorettes, Boy Bands, and Beyoncé.” She holds up the magazine and lists out loud three of four headlines printed at the top of the front cover. “Is this for bitchy women with bad attitudes?” She chuckles hardily.
“No, it’s a feminist magazine,” I say as I dig in my purse for my plums rewards card.
“Feminists? Oh, I’m mad at the feminists! They told me to burn my bra years ago, and now I have saggy boobs!” She laughs. I lift my head. Yes, she said this.
I attempt a polite smile. “Yeah, I think that was supposed to be symbolic. I didn’t think they actually burned bras?”
“That was the ‘60s & ‘70s, and I was there sweetheart. They told me to burn my bras, be independent, and focus on my career. Well, the career went south, and I’m middle-aged and alone.” Blame the feminist…seems reasonable.
“Ah,” I nod. “I don’t think being independent means being alone.”
She places the Bitch magazine on top of the rest of my items (Bust, Jewelry Affaire, and In The Body of The World, by Eve Ensler). “Chip in at the bottom. Well, they told me to be independent and focus on my career…and a career won’t keep me warm at night. Did you want a bag?” I think someone missed the point…of all feminist movements. Independence implies choice and free will, doesn’t it?  
I gather my purchase, and leave the store shaking my head.  I guess I was just under the impression that it was 2013, and that most people had given up tired stereotypes and misconceptions about feminism.


  1. I am constantly reminded that I need to not assume that people know what I think to be basic common concepts. That's unbelievable, not to mention so rude to have somebody talk about your purchases so loudly.

  2. I agree Krista. Indigo sent me a tweet wanting to know what location this happened -I wasn't looking to get anyone in trouble...just point out the fact that clearly there's still a need for feminism if people (esp. females) don't understand what it was really about in the first place...

    1. I say get the person in trouble - not because of her lack of education re. feminism, but because of her really bad customer service skills!

  3. Wow she basically is calling you a bitchy woman with a bad attitude... unreal. Indigo needs to know what type of individuals they have representing their company. I was in costco one day and a man manning one of the sample tables was going through my cart, and then commented how my friend's hair needed to be touched up with dye, because you could tell it was really grey not red. Some individuals cannot be trusted in the front lines of business, unfortunately it takes someone to "rat" them out.